Wales 2016 - Ralley

Juli 2016

Report written by Pepe


A tour to new friends BK Wales 1 Rally in Juli 2016

Sunday, 03. Juli 2016 through 10. Juli 2016

When I heard that BK Wales 1 planned a small cozy meeting in July, I decided to make a trip there.

For 3 days the long journey is not worthwhile and already the planning for a nice tour by southwest England and Cornwall to Wales began.
Paul "Taff" Greening of England 18 offered his help and accommodation. But as we wanted to see some of the beautiful landscape in the south of England, we decided to go on a tour with a meeting at Barnstable.

I rode with Bernd and Josef (friends from my local motorbike club, the "motorbike friends Gemen"). First we went to the "White Cliffs of Dover" in bright sunshine, then to Pevensey with a beautiful beach to the "Seven Sisters" Cliffs "- simply breathtaking.

So we arrived a bit late in Brighton, where we then only got a bed in a hostel. But after breakfast we went by ferry to the "Isle of Wight", where we had a nice tour.
On Tuesday we came back to beautiful coastal landscapes behind Plymouth. We also made a small detour to "Lands End" at the westernmost point of England.
On Wednesday the coast of Cornwall awaited us with unbelievably beautiful sandy beaches, steeply sloping coastal roads and great flowers and plants.
I would particularly like to mention the Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel - very friendly staff, impressive ambience and great location on the coast (just the right place for a picnic!).

We met Taff in Bude and he led us through the smallest village along the coast through Bidefort to his home in Barnstable, where we were awaited by the whole family and spoiled with a delicious meal. A very warm welcome with so friendly people, we had not seen before!

The next morning, Taff led us to Lynton / Lynmouth, where we had some good English tea. &xnbsp;Taff had to say goodbye, and Mark accompanied us along the coast road of the Bristol Channel to Watchet and to Shaftsbury really great.

But we still had a goal, the meeting of Wales 1. After Chepstow we went over the Severn Bridge to the "Apple Orchard Campsite", where we built our tents.
After breakfast on Saturday, we left with 25 bikes for an excursion through the Welsh forests to quaint restaurants and sights.
Sunday evening we arrived at home. More than 2000 miles, beautiful sceneries, friendly people and only sunshine?.

A big thank you to Taff, Liz, Bryan, Andy, Neil H., Mark L., Mark and Nina N. and many others. Great to meet you.
And we keep in touch! I would be happy to see as many of you as possible next year at the UKIC - then with my wife Gitta!

RWP Pepe
BK Germany 18